• At  Spa Rejuv, we have multi-level pricing according to the advancement and experiences of our team members.

Shelter your energy, nourish your soul, rejuvenate your mind, and relax your body.

All of our therapists are certified professionals; hence you will always be in good hands when enjoying a massage at Spa Rejuv.

Classic Swedish Massage  

25 minutes $39/44
55 minutes $74/79
85 minutes $119/124


Leave your worries at the door. This classic full body massage will help relax your mind and soul by stimulating blood circulation and restoring a sense of well being.


  • Soft gentle long Effleurage strokes to promote relaxation
  • Tapotement (tapping movements), kneading


  • Long strokes and taps can release lymphatic (stress) build up in the body (back, neck, shoulder, etc.)
  • Stimulates immune system.
  • Not reccomended for someone with muscular tension that needs addressing.


European Combination Massage   

55 minutes $79/84
85 minutes $124/129

Our most popular massage, best of both worlds, this massage combines techniques used in Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. This traditional treatment pinpoints the specific needs of each individual. Benefits of a European combination massage include increased flexibility; tension relief as well as balancing of the body’s energy system.


  • Signature massage that combines elements of mixed techniques with moderate pressure.


  • To help improve blood flow to muscles and release tension.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

25 minutes $49/54
55 minutes $94/99
85 minutes $144/149

Tailored for sports and fitness enthusiasts, we alternate deep massage and stretching to relieve pain, discomfort, and muscular tension while increasing flexibility and circulation.


  • Slow, strong motion, hard massage movements with applied pressure which are deep and compress the underlying muscles. Kneading, wringing and skin rolling are Petrissage movements.


  • Helps remove buildup of metabolic toxins (crunching in neck, sore)
  • Client can designate site of work where pain or range of motion is obstructed. (in example, massage therapist can work on one part of the body for an hour if needed, nothing else is touched).
  • Pressure is customized to pain threshold of client and soft tissue time response to stimulation.


Aromatherapy Massage   

55 minutes $84/89
85 minutes $129/134

This pleasurable treatment is designed to detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation. Soothing to all the senses, this nourishing massage offers the added advantages of an aromatherapy essential oil blend of your choice. Relax and restore your body and soul.


  • Soft gentle long Effleurage strokes to promote relaxation
  • Tapotement (tapping movements), kneading
  • Warms up the muscles before deep tissue


  • An assortment of oils that are used to either; invigorate, relax, energize or stimulate your body and mind.
  • Essential oil of your choice penetrates through skin pores to generate particular hormones through the body for additional relaxation and healing.



15 minutes $29/34
25 minutes $39/44

This ancient Oriental technique stimulates specific parts of the foot. Each point directly affects different organs within our bodies in order to restore balance and proper function. This method strengthens the immune system and helps to relieve muscle tension.


  • Performed by applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb and finger techniques to stimulate reflex areas.
  • Hot Eucalyptus compress applied to feet.


  • De-stress tired feet
  • Stimulate response of nerve endings on palms and souls of feet – highly relaxing.
  • In Oriental philosophy it is believed that nerve endings can stimulate reflexes in internal organs.

Hot Stone Massage

85 minutes $134/139

Warmed Basalt Lava Stones are strategically placed on integral points of the body along with oil, providing deep penetration and creating sensations of comfort, blissful relaxation and warmth. Combined with traditional massage, the direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with massage alone.


  • Alternate strokes are done with hands and hot stones
  • Muscle knots are warmed up by positioning hot stones directly over them.


  • Most luxurious and relaxing massage
  • Faster body response to stimulation
  • Hot stones melt body aches away delivering deep relaxation and relief

Pre-Natal Massage

55 minutes $89/94
85 minutes $134/139

This European combination massage is designated to accommodate the health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers by relieving stress and muscle aches associated with pregnancy.



  • Lay on side and back with support bolster, never on tummy


  • Relief from swollen legs and hands
  • Relieves pain from pressure on sciatic nerve (lumbar/hip)
  • Full body massage for the health, well being and circulation of mothers-to-be

Scalp Massage   

25 minutes $39/44

A wonderful treatment designed to relax the mind, relieve any headaches and stress and promote better circulation.

Technique for 25 mins:

  • Massage neck and scalp to stimulate neuro response to cranial points
  • Helps relieve tension headaches


Massage Extras

Back and Shoulders Massage 25 Minutes                               $47/50

Facial Reflexology 30 Minutes                                                   $44/49

Reconnective Healing                                                                  $60

Steam Shower

Complimentary with any massage, book when booking massage appointment.


Cancellation Policy


Because Spa Treatments are reserved specifically for you, we kindly ask, that you notify us 24 hours in advance to avoid service charges.